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Tendances Praline, new ideas

Max Fleurdépine, a lover and ardent supporter of Pink Praline, dreams of spreading its reputation well over the borders of its regional homeland. He uses Pink Praline in all different forms: in a brioche, a traditional French sweet bread rich with butter; as a sugar coated sweet; and even as a syrup and a liqueur. Discover this unique range of gourmet products, and see la vie en rose.

The praline Rose Tradition is the uncontested star of the region, with top quality almonds from exceptional origins roasted on the premises. Eat them just as they are!!

The Saint Genix Amande: whole pâtissière pastry chef pralines for the heart of a brioche. 

Pink Praline chips/pieces: crushed pralines used as an ingredient in numerous desserts: brioches, tartes aux pralines, galettes des rois... a puff pastry pie filled with frangipane, traditionally eaten on Twelfth Night. Three sorts: with 12%, 18% and 40% almonds.
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La Fleur de Praline is a Pink Praline sugar to sprinkle over your dishes and desserts. Use it to replace sugar in all your recipes, adding the flavours and aromas of roasted almonds and a beautiful pink colour.
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La Fleur d'épine: renowned and delicious Brioche with pralines. Where tradition rhymes with emotion. Simply part of our cultural heritage.
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Sirop du Père Fleur, Pink Praline syrup:

Liqueur du Père Fleur, made with Pink PralineSirop du Père Fleur, Pink Praline syrup: drink diluted in water, or add a few drops to a glass of chilled, sparkling white wine for a delicious cocktail, a must...very tendance.

Liqueur du Père Fleur, made with Pink Praline: as a cocktail or at the end of your meal, the liqueur du Père Fleur will surprise your friends!

Cocktail Ideas: Dip the rim of your glass into la Fleur de Praline, mix one measure of Liqueur du Père Fleur, with 5 measures of sparkling white wine, add a few frozen raspberries to keep it chilled, drink and enjoy!

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