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Something New


Something New
La Dionysienne: roasted almonds delicately coated with salted butter caramel Blonde chocolate: a new type of chocolate with a light sugary taste, hint of salt, creamy texture and ‘intense biscuity notes’. La Dionysienne was a new creation in 2014 and already a big success !



Flavoured Pralines: a surprising combination of Max's creativity and traditional skills and know-how. Flavoured Pralines come in 6 flavours and as many colours:

  • White coloured vanilla flavoured Praline

  • Purple coloured violet flavoured Praline

  • Green coloured pistachio flavoured Praline

  • Yellow coloured lemon flavoured Praline

  • Pink coloured strawberry flavoured Praline

  • Orange coloured orange blossom flavoured Praline


Praline Nougat: the quintessence of two regions, a marriage of two cultures. PRALINOU is the latest creation by MDLP. Honey, almonds, walnuts, pistachios and Pink Praline under the influence of Max's skill and know-how to create a crunchy yet soft sweet: a favourite of children and adults alike.